Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi All
                                You can buy anything at the market place....even a wedding dress!!
 Typical dress for the local traditional woman....the blanket she is carrying on her back has a baby inside!
                      The women sit all day long selling nuts and seeds and whatever they have!
 Our friend/translator Alberto trying to negoitate the best price possible for a new oven! Less than $300.!
                                                                     Way to go Alberto!!!
It is a little hard to see but the lady is making fresh orange juice
It is another beautiful day in Cochabamba! The sun is shining and it is probably 75 degrees and because the season is the opposite of ours, the people here think that it is getting colder and always want us to wear a jacket! If they only knew that their fall weather is like a wonderful warm summer day in Washington! haha After a breakfast of fresh fruit and bread ......which usually has cheese in it, we were off to the market to buy an oven for Casa de Jerusalem! It is goes with the refrigerator that we bought yesterday! And right now I want to thank everyone again for donating to the garage sale, helping with it and coming to the United Methodist church is Satsop to buy things! These are just a couple of things that we have been able to do so far with the money we earned!!  Today was a big market day...every Wednesday and Sunday! Being from little ol´ Elma....I have to admit that the crowds at La Cancha are a bit overwhelming and  yet exhilarating at the same time. The market is the pulse of the city. People come there to sell whatever they have so that they can but he things they need! Today I am going to send pictures of the market and hope that you enjoy them!

Hello also to Mrs. McMasters class....thanks for making friendship clips for the children of Bolivia! We are going to deliver them on Saturday....I can´t hardly wait...they are going to love them!
Love to all
joann =)

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