Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is Nell! She and her friend AnaAlise come ever year from the Netherlands and stay to  volunteer for 3-4
months! Nell is showing us her Easter gifts for the 160 wonder the children love them so!

The performers enjoying a snack!

The Staff at the orphanage honored us with a gift for helping to care for their children!

This is Christy with her hand made card from the children!
When we arrived there was almost no shoes for the new children coming to live here.
Ana Alise showed us the room and many of our group took it  on themselves to help to restock the shelf!
 16o children....that is alot of feet!!!

A group of children drawing....all of the children that live here are less than 6 years old!

This picture made Judy laugh because the kids on either side of this little girl are helping
 to make sure that not one morsel is missed!

The food is not fancy but it keeps them from being hungry! Notice that even though there are
so many children here....all of the girs have their hair fixed! The workers and volunteers work hard to make
each child feel special!

Judy took this picture....Garret and Hailey....we miss you!
Love, joann =)

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