Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi Everyone
Sorry I can¨t send pictures tonight....I have the only computer in the business office of the hotel that wont accept a camera card! But...I will tell you what went on today and send pictures in the morning!
It was such a busy day.....breakfast with the group and then off to Salomon Klein to see the little children at the dental clinic with Garret. He is a dentist from San Francisco and is fun to work with because he is so good with the children. There is only one chair in that orphanage so I spent the day assisting and blowing up balloons!
There is no way that I will ever be able to forget the word for balloon in Spanish because once the children see them they get excited and want "Globos! Globos! We can only work there in the morning because once the children have is time for a nap! Cranky tired children are no fun to work with!
Lunch at a bakery that Father Theo recomended for empanadas.....yummy!
After lunch we went to do dentistry at Casa de los ninos and bumped into Myrna and Stephanie doing school projects.....the kids really love Stephanie!
It is difficult to do allot of dentistry at one time because the clinic is new and doesnt have allot of you have to either just wipe them off and disinfect them or wait until they come through the sterilizer.....more than an hour!
And tonight was the surprise baby shower for our teacher from Arani....Silvia was so surprised! Allot of planning but worth it all when we saw her face! Father Theos birthday was also we made it a combination shower/birthday  party!
I will get up early enough in the morning to try and send pictures of the comings on here!
It is after 11 here so good night
joann =)

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