Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi All
The garage sale was a huge success! We earned $5200. for our projects in Bolivia.
Besides the four of us that are going....Myrna, Stephanie, Erika and me..we had some wonderful help with the sale....Pat, Delores, Laura, Julie, Christie, Dale, Kim, Melody, Cindy, Sara,,Karen,Kevin and Kathryn,Wanda and a huge thank you to the Olympic walking team for helping with the hauling and setting up (Teresa, Nancy, Linda and Nancy)  We had tons of wonderful donations, yummy baked goods and Erika making elephant ears to order. And a wonderful ending to our sale......several people with obvious hoarding issues cleaned out our leftovers!
And a big thanks to our husbands for not freaking out about our houses being so cluttered while we collected for our sale!
Less than two weeks before we go.......

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