Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi All
Have to apologize again for not getting to the computer yesterday! There is so much to do and it seems that I run out of time before I get everything done! I have been working at a dental clinic called Casa de Los Ninos....wonderful place with a good dentist but often in the afternoon we have to stop early beause we run out of sterile instruments. I think that I have stopped by the dental supply store every evening after clinic trying to buy the things we need! I feel very spoiled working in the office that I do back home......everything I need to take care of patients is right there!I was cleaning a patients teeth this afternoon and wanted to floss his teeth and the clinic didnt even have that....but it will tomorrow!
This morning I travelled with Judy, Christy and Alfonso to the baby orpanage and the battered womens´ shelter and the burn center. The burn center had visiting plastic surgeons. Judy had packed along some lidocaine (anesthetic) and when the nurse saw it, she took it right to the Doctors to use that very minute. When they found out that we had brought money to buy medications....one of the Drs actually cried!
It was nice to see the rehabilitation area that we put together along with Smile Power filled with children receiving physical therapy!
Tonight Michelle put together a dinner to celebrate a successful project from last year. She raised money and added alot of her own to help a little girl have open heart surgery.
Everyone sees and experiences things differently and helps in their own way. A group like this is so amazing because everyone brings something different!We have one common goal and that is to try to help someones life better!  =)
It is late tonight....3 hour time difference so here it is already after 11:00 so tomorrow I will send some pictures to catch you up on what has been happening!
Love to you all,
joann =)

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