Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am here......finally!

Hi Everyone sorry this is taking me a bit to get started but we spent nearly three days just getting here and then on my first day day here............shopping for the things I need for projects.....school uniforms and shoes and school supplies but mostly my time was spent in the stores waiting or service or for my orders to be filled. Life moves slower here and I dont like that part...makes it hard to get things done! I will be better in a day or two!! hahahaha    Finally last night I was able to get some sleep and I feel almost human again!
 Garret just finishing with a little patient this morning...forgot beanies so we made glove people instead!!
 Volunteer Mary playing with a group of children from Solomein Klein....they were fascinated by the music coming from her phone! This is Mary´s first trip to Bolivia!
I found these ladies knee deep in laundry and that told me that this is every day all day long! yikes! I will never complain about 2 loads a week again!

First full day here....breakfast with the team and a couple of hours at Solomein Klein....an orphanage with 160 infant to 6 year olds! Just a few days ago....there was a newborn found in a trash can and was brought here. Babies have the best chance to be adopted so maybe he will get lucky enough to be chosen by a loving family!. We also went to the market (La Cancha to buy a refrigerator for one o the houses where 30 boys/young men live! So many things we take for granted! Mine at home is bigger for Pat and I and our 2 cats!
Stephanie Manier-Parson has a blog and I had to laugh because she and her rmom Myrna are so busy with their projects that I have to read her blog just to find out what they are doing! hahaha
It is amaziung how much there is to do!
I am going to try to send pictures from here.....keep your fingers crossed! =)
Sorry....no pictures of me with this entry.....these pictures are rom my camera!
joann :)

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